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[]Ecclesiasticus 32:10

Before the thunder goeth lightning; and before a shamefaced man shall go favour.

[☨]After dredging his subordinate out of a hole, the Archbishop was bitterly reminded of the wretched devilry device he had kicked into the baptismal pool. The video blinks on from the bottom of the pool, a wobbly vision of the man is seen poking a long wooden rod at it to try and push it up the side of the pool's basin.

What drudgery... he was perfectly content never dealing with the horrid thing ever again, yet he was aware of it's use in keeping tabs on those few he gave a damn about. After all, what if another of his men were sentenced to this cloaca of calumny and consternation? One of those very men could be seen hovering over his shoulder as Maxwell garbled something to him while bent down to reach for the device...

Sparks jolt the second his spindly fingertips touch the wet infernal contraption to punish him for his neglect.


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[The utterance caused the Priest's ears to darken red, though he didn't have time to chide his the one who had spoken it as he was already diving to snag the hem of the other's vest. By a hair's breadth he managed to prevent his ward from landing face-first into the baptismal pool, yet consequently fed much of the energy into himself.

Grinding teeth, the combined force sent him reeling back with fingers clenching the Bishop to himself, causing the two to topple over with the Priest lying on top of him, panting.]
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[Maxwell crumpled beneath the behemoth of a man, the quake of the thud knocking the breath out of him, and the weight crushing his spindly form further. The shudder managed not only to knock him down, but the priest's own commlink which he had left up on the high windowsill...]

G..get off me you oaf--BPHT!
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[The shrill voice made him flinch, yet did nothing to prevent nor alleviate their predicament, the frail-boned one writhing beneath him made it difficult for him to concentrate, much less move.

When he was about to comment on the state of the fiasco another surprise lay in wait for both Priest and Bishop, the sneaky little device hitting him straight in the back of the cranium.

A soft 'omph', and lips clashed together incidentally when the R.F.O. (Random Flying Object) caused him to push against that pliant mouth, hand laying flat on the ground over the other's shoulder.

A passing shock trilled through him that had nothing to do with the mini-electrocute, muscles going rigid...]


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[What the Archbishop himself thought was another wave of lightening striking him from heaven above for his blasphemous mouth, was actually his priest sealing his pernicious lips shut with his own.

Viridian eyes widened as large as pasta plates, cheeks splotching riper than tomatoes, Maxwell's head swelled with so much flustered blood so swiftly that he forced himself into a catatonic state.

Irises rolling into the back of his head, the flighty director passed out nearly frothing at the teeth.]
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[Well, you caught Washu's attention and she can't help but laugh at him.]


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[Maybe this was a bad time for time to start coming to church. The Hellsing master just stands at the door in silence for a few moments and just....stares.

Until he just busts out laughing.]


Ah...now I remember why I converted.


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