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[]Psalm 57:1

Be merciful unto me, O God, be merciful unto me: for my soul trusteth in thee: yea, in the shadow of thy wings will I make my refuge, until these calamities be overpast.

[☨]In the dim light of the church the video focuses on the Archbishop leaning an arm against the stone corner near a dust-ridden stained-glass window. After escaping the highschool and fording through the fog, he's panting as if he's just run a marathon, sweat beading his brow that's swept away with a brush of his hand over his tightly tied hair. Making the Sign of The Cross over his shoulders, to his crown and to his breast, he catches his breath with a turbulent sigh, muttering clearly not to himself.[☨]

So You demand that Your precepts be carefully kept, I have done that haven't I? How am I predisposed to keep your statutes here? I have focused on all Your commands, I've nothing to be ashamed for. Yet if this is all part of your plan for me, I will give You sincere thanks, when I learn Your just regulations. I will keep your statutes. So do not completely abandon me!

[☨]Shuddering from slamming his fist on the dirty sill it's clear he's highly disturbed by his position here, yet not about to lose hope. God has a plan, even if one may not understand it.[☨]

May I experience your loyal blessing, O Lord, and Your deliverance from this evil, as You promised. Heh... Then I will have a reply for the one who insults me, for I trust in Your word.

[☨]Carefully then he took up a shred of old cloth and wiped at the pane of glass till he could see his reflection somewhat. Peeling his lip back he began to check his teeth as if something might be stuck in them. In actuality, he was checking for any unwanted abominable 'growth' in his eye-teeth.[☨]

Damn this place, it had better not be airborne!

[☨]It's at that moment he notices the blinking light of the communicator and glares daggers at it before slapping the wretched thing away, firmly shutting it off.[☨]


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